Dan Ott competes on the planet collection of Poker main event

Dan Ott competes on the planet collection of Poker main event, Saturday, July 22, 2017, in Las Vegas. AP pictureJohn Locher

pretty much a yr ago, it regarded as even though Altoona resident Dan Ott had modified his lifestyles perpetually.

At simply 25 years old, he made it through hundreds of opponents to make the area sequence of Poker’s closing table and outlasted seven extra players there to finish as the runner-up.

Ott’s prize was $4.7 million, but when he purchased his aircraft ticket returned in early may to Las Vegas for this yr’s World series, which begins today, it become one of the crucial bigger purchases he’s made together with his winnings.

“existence has definitely modified however nothing dramatic,” Ott stated. “I’m greater relaxed with funds. I bought some new clothing and got a new haircut, that’s about it.”

Ott also took a pair of trips to Mexico, however so far as new millionaires, he’s performed it comely conservative.

Now 26, Ott remains dwelling in Altoona and has played sparingly in are living tournaments over the last yr whereas still grinding at least 20 hours per week in online play. situs judi online

He’s planning on playing in several of the seventy eight movements at this yr’s World sequence, together with most of the no-limit Texas hold ‘Em tournaments. despite his success ultimate year, he’s nonetheless opting to evade big-funds buy-ins such as the activities that require $a hundred,000 just to enter.

notwithstanding he’s already performed greater than most do in the sport, he is motivated to win his first event on poker’s biggest stage.

“To capture a bracelet the prize, along with money, for each and every adventure would be stunning cool,” Ott pointed out. “I wish to play as a good deal as i will be able to. It’s critical, but if I don’t, it isn’t going to ruin me. a couple thousand americans enter each and every of these tournaments, so that they aren’t exactly handy to lift. I’m assuming if I play for a different 10 years, I’ll rob one.”

Ott referred to his poker profession will depend on a number of various factors, but he plans on doing it for the foreseeable future.

“How long I play is dependent upon how my investments go,” Ott noted. “It also depends on how the panorama of poker goes. I’ll doubtless keep playing until I make more funds than i’d ever want. I’m assuming I’ll always play poker at some level.”

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